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Industry dynamics

Dalian has restricted Guosan trucks from March 1. After modification, the trucks can be put on the road again. The government subsidizes 10,000 yuan.

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[Truck Home Originality] Recently, the Dalian Municipal Government Press Office held a press conference on the "Dalian People"s Government"s Notice on the Limitation of Highly Emissioned Diesel Trucks". It is reported that from March 1 this year to February 29, 2020, from 6.30 to 19:00 a day, high-emission diesel trucks are prohibited in the restricted area, and from March 1, 2020, high-emission diesel trucks are prohibited throughout the restricted area.

At present, Dalian has 1.65 million vehicles and 139,000 diesel trucks, accounting for only 8.4%. Among them, about 63,000 diesel trucks and 25,000 medium and heavy trucks are the third emission standard in China. The Circular stipulates the restricted vehicles, restricted areas, restricted time, technical renovation and penalties for high-emission diesel trucks.
Limited vehicles are medium and heavy duty diesel trucks with Dalian city name plate and country III emission standard of provincial and municipal name plate, and diesel trucks that fail to meet the standard by supervised sampling test and fail to re-examine or inspect within the time limit.
After agreeing with the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the scope of the current restriction on high-emission diesel trucks covers the main sections of Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District and High-tech Zone.

The restricted areas include: south of Dongfang Road; south of Songjiang Road (Golden Triangle Square to North China Road); east of North China Road (Songjiang Road to Zhoushui Road); south of Welcoming Road (Welcoming Square to Honggang Road); south of Honggang Road (Welcoming Road to Shenglin Street); south of Shenglin Street-Shenglin Road-Shimenshan Tunnel-North Section of West Corridor viaduct. To the east of Honggang Road to Hongling Road; to the east of Hongling Road (viaduct to Lingshui Road in the north section of the western corridor), to the north of Lingshui Road (Hongling Road to Huangpu Road), to the north of Huangpu Road (Lingshui Road to Heishijiao Street), and to the east of Heishijiao Street (including Yingke Road, Shenglin Street-Shenglin Road-Shimenshan Tunnel to the north of the western corridor). Section viaduct, excluding the other roads and sections mentioned above.
Guo III can still go on the road after its transformation. The government subsidizes up to 10,000 yuan

Medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks that have the conditions for installing pollution control devices and meet the emission standards after technical transformation shall not be restricted after confirmation by the competent ecological environment department. Eight provinces and municipalities throughout the country have carried out this work. Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi"an have fully subsidized the cost of technological transformation, while Tianjin and Shandong have 50% of the difference subsidy, and Zhengzhou has no subsidy. At present, Dalian City will give 30% of the difference subsidy for each technical transformation vehicle (no more than 10,000 yuan). The specific implementation measures shall be formulated separately by the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau.
In violation of the provisions of this Notice, the traffic administration department of public security shall impose a fine of 200 yuan on motor vehicle drivers and owners.
If the owner wants to confirm whether his vehicle belongs to the restricted vehicle, the official website of the Municipal Eco-environment Bureau ( has opened the convenient inquiry service for local vehicles, which can be inquired through the module of high-emission diesel truck in the convenient service hall of the website, and the relevant information can be obtained by inputting the vehicle rack number as required. 。
For vehicles in doubt, check and confirm on the environmental protection network of motor vehicles to ensure that some owners will not be damaged by misjudgement. For provincial and municipal vehicles, before entering the restricted range, car owners can check through the National Motor Vehicle Environmental Protection Network ( to determine whether their vehicles belong to the third national emission standard.
According to reports, the State encourages road transport industry to be safe, convenient, efficient, green and economic. Therefore, it is a general trend to restrict the traffic of high-emission fuel trucks. At present, the state has made it clear that all diesel trucks engaged in road freight transportation must meet the emission standards of the country III and above and the fuel consumption verification standards. Those who do not meet the requirements will not be eligible for operation. At the same time, our city encourages road freight operators to purchase and use new energy and clean energy vehicles when renewing their capacity, and the industry management departments will open up green channels when dealing with qualifications application, annual examination and other business.
Hefei Baufar Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of DPF Particle Catcher and SCR Purifier for Diesel Engines. The company has obvious technical advantages and perfect product quality assurance system.
1. As an advanced pollution control technology, baufar dual-mode DPF technology has been recommended by China Engineering Machinery Industry Association and declared to the State Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection. It has been selected into the list of key environmental protection practical technologies and demonstration projects of China Environmental Protection Industry Association in 2018.
2. With the recommendation of China Industrial Vehicle Branch, dual-mode DPF patented products are becoming the standard configuration of three stages in non-road forklift industry.
3. The domestic DPF manufacturing enterprises which are also supported by the sales system of the whole manufacturing enterprises such as Heli and Hangzhou fork and the front-loading market guarantee their quality.
4. The enterprise is a state-level high-tech enterprise; the first developer and patent owner of dual-mode DPF technology in China.
5. The National Capital Airport won one of the bidders for DPF equipment of diesel vehicle exhaust treatment equipment in the battle of blue sky defense.
6. The two group standards presided over by the company and the two national standards participated in by the company have been issued and implemented by authoritative bodies; the two industry standards participated in have entered the evaluation stage.
7. The company is a selected enterprise for bidding project of environmental protection plus tail gas purifier in multi-prefecture cities.
8. The product has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality system certification, and is insured by the Institutional Insurance Company.
9. The product has passed all the test results of the bench of China Automobile Research Center: all the indexes are qualified.
10. The products have passed the tests of the conventional and unconventional pollutant indicators of China Automobile Testing Center (Shanghai). All the indicators are qualified.
11. The leading points of CDPF technology route: DPF coating technology uses British nano-scale coating solution, leading peers in technology, reducing the risk of blockage; DOC precious metal uses high-gram formulation, strong chemical reaction at high temperature; wire harness with heat insulation sheath to avoid scald damage; non-road CDPF internal sheath to strengthen strength, avoid. No cracking in weld of cylinder. The 304 stainless steel shell of DPF products is manufactured by professional moulds. The overall strength of the 304 stainless steel shell is better than that of the welded shell. The technical route of the product belongs to the leading level in the industry.
12. The enterprise has won the title of Hefei Industrial Design Center.
13. Enterprises file on the Internet of Vehicle Environmental Protection Information of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (http:
14. Enterprise products have won the title of provincial new products.
15. The products are widely used in various types of Road Trucks (light trucks, heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, etc.), construction machinery (forklifts, excavators, loaders, roller, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts), airport ground service vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, generators, etc.

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