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We are taking action to combat the pollution of diesel trucks.

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On March 1, the Academy of Environmental Sciences held the fourth session of environmental science and technology lecture and cadre training in 2019. Ding Yan, deputy director of the motor vehicle center, was invited to give a lecture entitled "Fighting the tough battles of diesel truck pollution control, we are acting". The background of formulating the tough battle policy for diesel truck pollution control and the related policy contents were interpreted. 。 Lecture by Chief Engineer Li Chan持。

Ding Yan first introduced the task of pollution control of diesel trucks and the severe situation they faced. In recent years, air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and its surrounding areas, Fenwei Plain, northern Yangtze River Delta and other key areas has been serious. With the development of the automobile industry and the continuous growth of domestic per capita automobile ownership, the air pollution caused by mobile source emissions has further emerged. Although the proportion of diesel vehicles is relatively low, they are the main contributors to automobile pollution, and the emission problems of non-road mobile machinery and ships are prominent, which makes the pollution of diesel trucks become the key work of "winning the battle against the blue sky". The National Conference on the Protection of the Ecological Environment held in 2018 made a comprehensive battle against the pollution of diesel trucks. Deployment calls for systematic "oil vehicle" control, while taking into account non-road mobile machinery and ship pollution prevention and control。

Ding Yan analyzed the causes of serious pollution caused by diesel trucks, pointed out that the proportion of road freight transport in China was high, the transport structure was unreasonable, the freight transport relied on diesel trucks excessively, at the same time, the related industries such as truck production and maintenance were scattered and chaotic seriously, the freight transport enterprises showed the characteristics of "small, scattered, weak and chaotic", and lacked corresponding management system and economy. Proven. Secondly, the excessive emission of diesel trucks is serious, especially the quality of vehicle oil and urine. Third, the capacity of environmental supervision is inadequate. Compared with developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan, the number of motor vehicle environmental supervision in our country is very small. Compared with the increasing number of motor vehicles, the number of supervisors is a drop in the bucket. Therefore, diesel vehicle pollution control is not only a superficial exhaust emission problem, but also underlines the deep-seated problems of urgent development of related industries and unscientific administrative mechanism.

In this regard, Ding Yan explained in detail the action plan and main tasks of the battle to tackle the pollution of diesel trucks. We need to coordinate the management of "oil, road and vehicle", focusing on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta, Fenwei Plain and other regions, optimizing and adjusting the structure of freight transport, supporting the quality assurance of diesel and urine for vehicles, and taking the emission of diesel vehicles (engines) as the main line, to establish and improve the strictest. The environmental supervision system for vehicle full prevention and control has vigorously implemented the actions of clean diesel vehicles, clean diesel engines, clean transportation and clean oil products. The over-standard emissions of diesel vehicles (engines) have been cured in the whole chain. The total amount of pollutant emissions has been significantly reduced, and the air quality in cities and regions has been significantly improved. Specific safeguards include strengthening legal standards and policy guarantees, strengthening tax and price policy incentives, strengthening technical and capacity support, and enhancing accountability and information disclosure.

By introducing the professional technology involved in the pollution control of diesel trucks in detail, this lecture elaborates the management mechanism behind pollution, and further explains that while solving the problem of technological innovation, scientific research on ecological environment should pay attention to the management details and combine theory with practice so as to better play the role of science and technology in ecological environment. The supporting role of environment management.

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