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Excavators and forklifts will be checked in zhengzhou

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Recently, the air quality in Zhengzhou is not optimistic, and excessive nitrogen oxides have become one of the important factors affecting the air quality. In order to strengthen the control of nitrogen oxides pollution, on April 2, Zhengzhou carried out a comprehensive investigation and treatment of non-road mobile machinery and heavy diesel trucks.
Failure to cooperate with spot checks will be under key control
Non-road mobile machinery generally refers to excavators, bulldozers, loaders, hooks, rollers and asphalt pavers used in construction sites, as well as forklifts and standby generators used in factories and logistics enterprises. On April 2, Zhengzhou launched a pull-net survey of non-road mobile machinery.
In this investigation, the Joint Law Enforcement Team will strengthen household supervision and sampling. Logistics parks, industrial parks, cargo distribution centers, bus stops and other places where vehicles are parked and concentrated, as well as key units such as logistics and freight transport, industrial and mining enterprises, long-distance passenger transport, environmental sanitation, post, tourism, maintenance, etc., are all under supervision.
Henan Business Daily reporter learned that the joint law enforcement team on the aforementioned enterprises and units on the use of non-road mobile machinery and heavy diesel trucks in the investigation and rectification, found that there is no cooperation with the spot check work or with vehicles attached to, not in Zhengzhou and other reasons to push, will be related to transport enterprises into the credit system, included in the heavy. Point control object.
Serious violations will be interviewed and exposed
At the end of February this year, the provincial pollution prevention and control office issued the Action Plan for Henan Province"s Diesel Truck Pollution Control, requiring all localities to take the improvement of atmospheric environmental quality as the core, coordinate the pollution control of vehicles, oil and roads, and focus on high-emission diesel trucks, vigorously develop diesel trucks, non-road mobile machinery and oil. Three actions to meet the quality standards should be taken to establish and improve a strict environmental supervision system for All-Defense and full-control of motor vehicles.
"To carry out all-weather law enforcement on heavy-duty diesel trucks that fail to meet the normative standards, we will never tolerate the investigation and punishment together, and will open interviews and media exposure to some enterprises and units that violate the regulations seriously." Zhengzhou City Motor Vehicle Pollution Monitoring Branch responsible person said.
Hefei Baoji Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of DPF Particle Catcher and Pretreatment Purifier for Diesel Engines. The company has obvious technical advantages and perfect product quality assurance system.
1. As an advanced pollution control technology, Baofa dual-mode DPF technology has been recommended by China Engineering Machinery Industry Association and declared to the State Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection. It has been selected into the list of key environmental protection practical technologies and demonstration projects of China Environmental Protection Industry Association in 2018.
2. With the recommendation of China Industrial Vehicle Branch, dual-mode DPF patented products are becoming the standard configuration of three stages in non-road forklift industry.
3. The domestic DPF manufacturing enterprises which are also supported by the sales system of the whole manufacturing enterprises such as Heli and Hangzhou fork and the front-loading market guarantee their quality.
4. The enterprise is a state-level high-tech enterprise; the first developer and patent owner of dual-mode DPF technology in China.
5. The National Capital Airport won one of the bidders for DPF equipment of diesel vehicle exhaust treatment equipment in the battle of blue sky defense.
6. The two group standards and two national standards presided over by the company have been issued and implemented by authoritative bodies; the two industry standards have entered the evaluation stage.
7. The company is a selected enterprise for bidding project of environmental protection plus tail gas purifier in multi-prefecture cities.
8. The product has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality system certification, and is insured by the Institutional Insurance Company.
9. The product has passed all the test results of the bench of China Automobile Research Center: all the indexes are qualified.
10. The products have passed the tests of the conventional and unconventional pollutant indicators of China Automobile Testing Center (Shanghai). All the indicators are qualified.
11. The leading points of CDPF technology route: DPF coating technology adopts imported nano-scale coating solution, which leads peers in technology and reduces blockage risk; DOC precious metals are formulated with high gravimetric, and chemical reaction is effective at high temperature; off-road CDPF interior is strengthened with inner sheath. The 304 stainless steel shell of many DPF products of our company is manufactured by professional mould. The whole strength of the shell is better than that of the welded shell. It belongs to the leading level in the industry.
12. The enterprise has won the honorary title of Hefei Industrial Design Center.
13. Enterprise products are filed on the Internet of Vehicle Environmental Protection Information of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (http:
14. Enterprise products have won the honorary title of provincial new products.
15. The products are widely used in various types of Road Trucks (light trucks, heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, etc.), construction machinery (forklifts, excavators, loaders, roller, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts), airport ground service vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, generators, etc.

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