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Zhengzhou will be non-road mobile machinery nuclear issue of new "id"!

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In order to speed up the city"s non-road moving machinery census registration and pollution control work, effectively reduce the non-road moving machinery pollution emissions, and further improve the environmental air quality, according to the provincial requirements, combined with the city"s actual situation, decided to carry out the city"s non-road moving machinery census registration and pollution control work.

The scope and type of census registration(I) scopeAll diesel fuel and electric non-road moving machinery used, leased and traded within the jurisdiction of our city.(2) types1. Excavating machinery (single-bucket excavator, excavator loader, bucket wheel excavator, tunneling machinery, crawler excavator, etc.);2. Earth-moving machinery (bulldozer, loader, scraper, grader, roller, etc.);3. Engineering hoisting machinery (tower crane, wheel crane, crawler crane, hoist, mixer, construction lift, aerial working machinery, etc.);4. Comprehensive machinery (forklift, stacker, tractor, clamping machine, etc.);5. Compaction machinery (roller, ramming machinery, vibration engine, etc.);6. Road machinery (paver, mixing equipment, roller, maintenance machinery, etc.);7. Piling machinery (pile hammer, pile press, drilling machine, rotary digging machine, etc.);8. Concrete machinery (concrete mixer, concrete pump, concrete pump truck, concrete products machinery, etc.);9. Reinforcement and prestressed machinery (reinforcement processing machinery, prestressed machinery, etc.);10. Decoration machinery (paint spraying and brushing machinery, ground correction machinery, window cleaning machine, etc.);11. Rock machinery (rock machine, crusher, drilling rig, etc.);12. Railway line machinery (track bed operating machinery, tunneling machine, track bar and sleeper machinery, etc.);13. Municipal engineering and sanitation machinery (municipal machinery, sanitation machinery, garbage treatment equipment, garden machinery, etc.);Industrial equipment (diesel generator set, internal combustion engine set, etc.);15. Other non-road moving machinery burning diesel and electric fuel.

2.Census registers content and standardIn order to promote the rapid, efficient and orderly development of the census and registration work, the environmental attack and key offices of counties (cities, districts) and development zones are specifically responsible for the inspection and registration of non-road mobile machinery within their respective jurisdictions.(I) contentComplete the information collection, testing, issuance of environmental protection electronic signs for non-road mobile machinery, installation of non-road mobile machinery license plates, improvement of daily monitoring platform, networking and establishment of mechanical files.(2) typesEnvironmental key offices of counties (cities, districts) and development zones may independently carry out or employ a third party to conduct on-site free verification and registration of non-road mobile machinery used in construction sites, industrial enterprises and logistics companies as well as leasing and trading sites, and upload the registration results to the monitoring platform database.Tests should be carried out according to the emission standards of non-road moving machinery engines. Environmental protection electronic labels should be issued free of charge, non-road moving machinery number plates should be installed, Internet connection and paper files should be filled in, and non-road machinery registration certificates should be issued.The environmental protection labels for non-road mobile machinery are divided into green, blue and orange, respectively corresponding to the emission standards for electric vehicles and for national III and above, national II and national I and below.  The license plate of non-road mobile machinery shall be one machine, one license and one certificate. Green, blue and orange environmental protection marking machinery shall correspond to the license plates of f.a.d-xxxxx and f.a.3-xxxxx, f.a.2-xxxxx and f.a.1-xxxxx respectively. One license shall be the machinery registration certificate.Beidou positioning system shall be installed for non-road machinery, and the mechanical information shall be consolidated and monitored by the monitoring platform.Non-road mobile mechanical files require paper and electronic files to coexist, so that one machine and one file, after the end of the census, the original paper files submitted to the city environmental protection office archive, review.3.Strengthen supervision and managementAll counties (cities, districts) and development zones should earnestly organize and carry out on-site supervision of non-road moving machinery.(I) to complete the general survey and registration of non-road moving machinery in the high-emission non-road moving machinery prohibited area (expressway around the city) in the urban area before June 30, 2019;Before August 30, 2019, the city completed the general survey and registration of non-road mobile machinery.Starting from September 1, 2019, all construction and construction units, industrial enterprises and logistics enterprises and other units and individuals in the city are not allowed to use non-road moving machines that have not been pasted with environmental protection labels, without machinery plates or installed monitoring devices.(2) at all levels should strengthen to retain and use of mobile machinery units (individual) regulation, September 1, 2019, did not check registration to use and discharge of the road to make mobile mechanical behavior, in accordance with the law of the People"s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in henan province regulations shall be ordered to stop the use, and use the unit for processing, "three" persons responsible will be blamed.Hefei baofa power technology co., LTD., specializing in the research, development and production of [diesel engine DPF particle catcher and pre-treatment purifier], the company"s technical advantages are obvious, product quality assurance system is perfect:1. As an advanced pollution control technology, baofa dual-mode DPF technology has been recommended by China construction machinery industry association and applied to the ministry of ecological protection;It has been selected into the list of key practical environmental protection technologies and demonstration projects of 2018 by the China environmental protection industry association.2. It has been recommended by China industrial vehicle branch, and dual-mode DPF patent products are becoming the standard configuration of non-road forklift truck industry in three stages.3. Domestic DPF manufacturing enterprise, which is supported by the sales system of heli, hangzhou fork and other complete machine manufacturers and the pre-installed market, guarantees the quality.4. The enterprise is a national high-tech enterprise;The first developer and patent owner of dual mode DPF technology in China.5. National capital airport was one of the successful bidders of DPF equipment for diesel vehicle exhaust control equipment in the battle to maintain blue sky.6. Two group standards and two national standards sponsored by the company were issued and implemented by authoritative institutions;Two industry standards entered the review stage.7. The company is a selected enterprise in the bidding project of environmental protection plus exhaust gas purifier in many prefecture-level cities.8. The products are certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality system and underwritten by institutional insurance companies.9. The products have passed all kinds of tests on the platform of China automotive research center: all indexes are qualified.10. The product has passed the tests of conventional and unconventional pollutant indexes of China automobile testing center (Shanghai) : all indexes are qualified.11. Leading CDPF technology route: DPF coating technology adopts imported nano-level coating solution, leading the industry in technology and reducing the risk of blockage;DOC precious metal adopts high gram formula, chemical reaction is effective at high temperature;The non-road CDPF is reinforced with an inner sheath.The 304 stainless steel shell of many DPF products of the company is manufactured by professional molds and formed in one time. The overall strength is better than that of the welded shell, which belongs to the leading level in the industry.12. The enterprise won the honorary title of hefei industrial design center.13. The enterprise products shall be filed on the website of motor vehicle environmental protection information of the ministry of ecology and environment (http:// The company"s products won the provincial honorary title of new products.15, the products are widely used in: all kinds of road trucks (light trucks, heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, etc.), all kinds of construction machinery (forklift, excavator, loader, roller, bulldozer, crane, forklift), all kinds of airport ground vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, generator set, 


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