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Lianyungang city will be designated to prohibit the use of high-emission non-road moving machinery areas

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To reduce the road mobile machinery pollutants, promote the city ambient air quality continues to improve, safeguard people"s health, according to the law of the People"s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, air pollution control ordinance in jiangsu province ", issued by the state council on winning notice the blue sky of battle action plan for three years (guo fa [2018] no. 22) and the relevant provisions of the province, city, the city government decided to further clarify the city banning the use of high emissions of road mobile machinery area.The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:Referred to in this notice "high emissions of road mobile machine" refers to the short of the mechanical exhaust smoke of diesel mobile limits and measurement methods (GB36886-2018) regulation of Ⅲ limit standard or black smoke emissions such as visual pollution of road engineering machinery, mobile diesel mainly includes industrial drilling equipment, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, fishing machinery, material handling machinery, forklifts, snow plough equipment, airport ground equipment, air compressor, generator set, water pump, etc.Ii. The areas of high-emission non-road moving machinery prohibited in our city are as follows:1. Coastline, gupo shanhou river, xiang-burning henan section, xiang-burning river, 242 provincial road, S73 dongshuang expressway, lianhuo expressway, shenhai expressway, new shuhe river, linghong river enclosed area;2. Even islands;3. Coastline, tongyu river, changshen expressway, shenhai expressway, xingzhuang river enclosure area.The use of non-road moving machinery in emergency rescue and disaster relief works shall not be restricted by the above measures.4. Those who violate the provisions of this circular and use high-emission non-road moving machinery in areas where high-emission non-road moving machinery is prohibited shall be punished in accordance with the air pollution prevention and control law of the People"s Republic of China, regulations on air pollution prevention and control of jiangsu province and other relevant provisions.V. all functional departments shall, according to their respective duties, implement the requirements of this circular in their daily management work, and guide the corresponding functional departments of all counties (districts) to do a good job in the implementation of areas that prohibit the use of high-emission non-road moving machinery.Vi. This circular shall enter into force as of X, 2019.


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