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Baufar highlights

1.Baufar"s dual-mode DPF technology has been recommended by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association as an advanced pollution prevention and control technology, and has been declared to the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection; it has been selected into the 2018 list of key environmental protection practical technologies and demonstration projects of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association.

2.The dual-modal DPF patented product, which is recommended by the China Industrial Vehicles Branch, is becoming the standard configuration for the three-phase non-road forklift industry.

3.At the same time, it is also supported by the sales system of the whole machine manufacturing enterprise such as Heli and Hangcha, and the DPF manufacturing enterprise supporting the market.

4.The enterprise is a national high-tech enterprise; the first developer and patent owner of the domestic dual-mode DPF technology.

5.The National Capital Airport wins one of the bidders for DPF equipment for diesel vehicle exhaust gas treatment equipment in the Blue Sky Defence War.

6.The two group standards hosted by the company and the two national standards participated were issued and implemented by the authoritative organization; the two industry standards involved entered the review stage.

7.The company is an enterprise selected for the bidding project for environmentally-friendly and installed exhaust gas purifiers in many prefecture-level cities.

8.The products have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality system certification and are underwritten by institutional insurance companies.

9.The products passed the test tests of the bench of China Automotive Research Center: all the indicators were qualified.

10.The products passed the tests of various routine and non-conventional pollutants indicators of China Automotive Testing Center (Shanghai): all indicators were qualified.

11.Advantages of CDPF technology route: DPF coating technology adopts British nano-scale coating liquid, technology takes precedence over peers to reduce the risk of clogging; DOC precious metal adopts high-gram formula, strong chemical reaction at high temperature; wire harness with thermal insulation Set, to avoid burns and damage; non-road CDPF inside the inner sheath to strengthen the strength, to avoid cracking of the barrel weld. The company"s various 304 stainless steel casings of DPF products are manufactured by professional molds. Once formed, the overall strength is better than that of welded casings. The technical route of the products belongs to the industry"s superior level.

12.The company was awarded the title of enterprise of Hefei Industrial Design Center.

13.The enterprise is registered on the motor vehicle environmental protection information website of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (

14.Enterprise products won the title of provincial new product.

15.Products are widely used in: all kinds of road trucks (light trucks, heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, etc.), all kinds of construction machinery (forklifts, excavators, loaders, road rollers, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts), various types of airport ground vehicles , agricultural and forestry machinery, generator sets, etc.

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